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    Welcome to Imap Global Logistics, Inc.

    We are a lead logistics provider that implements true single-source solutions. What does that do for you? Rather than relying on multiple providers to handle your shipping and logistics needs, you can trust Imap for:

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      Customized transportation and software solutions


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      Optimized routing to provide just-in-time delivery


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      Vendor management and compliance


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      Project management expertise


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      Reliable, consistent on-time performance


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      Consolidation of buying power, resulting in lower costs


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      Technology to create shipments, obtain quotes & customize reports


    Great service at a great value

    Imap follows a simple principle for success: do the right thing. We serve as partners and trusted advisors to customers like you. We listen to what you say and have the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

    State the Obvious

    • Logistics is not simply about moving freight, it’s about providing in-depth information. You should always know:

      - Where it is
      - Where it is going
      - When it will get there

    I will never forget the first project we worked together. My rep hit the dock to check out the freight and immediately began asking questions and making suggestions. When he could no longer stand just talking about it, he took his coat off, rolled up his sleeves, and jumped on a forklift. After he had finished re-boxing and palletizing the orders, we were ready to go and the freight arrived damage-free costing less than previously quoted. No other company has been as involved in our processes either before or since Imap. Not many companies care this much and we couldn’t ask for more than we get from Imap.C. Watson - The Marco Company